NO September 13th Hearing! Mark your calendars! ADA COUNTY PUBLIC HEARING EXTENSION FILED!

City of Eagle Mayor & Council Weigh-In

Letter sent to Ada County

This past week our City Council weighed-in on the placement of this tower and let Ada County know where they stand...with it's Citizen's.  We THANK YOU for your ongoing support and transparency!  There are City of Eagle Codes in place that are in violation.  This particular property is zoned Ada County RUT/Residential and surrounded by thriving, City of Eagle ESTATE RESIDENTIAL zoned neighborhoods.  Ada County property within the City Area of Impact must work in accordance/recognize City Codes.

Stan Bastian -Eagle City Council President states...

..."I am in agreement with that we should support the property rights of all individuals if their actions are not injurious to others. In this case, I agree with your concerns that building a 73 foot cell tower may be damaging to your property rights, values, and safety.  I respect your reasoning that the location of the proposed cell tower has a negative impact on those who live in the area and that there may be better property locations for a cell tower."...

Powder River Development has Filed an Extention.

September 13th Hearing has been cancelled.  Mark your calendars!

DATE:  Thursday, October 18th

TIME:  6pm

PLACE:  Ada County Commissioners Hearing Room #1235 (first floor)

200 W Front St, Boise, ID

Associate Planner: Brent Danielson  phone: 208.287.7913